Friday, 26 March 2010

back and forth through my mind behind the cigarette

well, this week was one of the most tiring weeks since the past time. i was irritated like all the time, and now i am really tired ( which you can see from my face expression, i think ). tomorrow i have a rather wild party so i hope i will feel better then : ) btw, i switched outfits later on the day, so tadaaa two outfit pics.


  1. Die laatste foto is echt moooi! Kan echt in een H&M reclame ofzo. Okee dat klinkt best wel stom maarjaa

  2. Ik voel met je mee, want ik weet hoe het is om urenlang chagrijnig rond te lopen. In ieder geval, je ziet er goed uit, want strepen = ultra cool.

  3. maar je blijft mooi :)


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