Friday, 19 June 2009

a little taste of London.

well i promised a long time ago i would post some of the things i bought in london. since i only have 2 hours of school because of the tests i have, i have enough time to make photo's and upload them. today i made, i believe, 3 photos. more will follow soon! oh and ofcourse, what am i wearing this day? well i wore something stupid so i uploaded what im wearing tomorrow. oh and great news dude! for my birthday i go to london again, this time alone with my father. what reminds me of something, its almost farthersday! i have the cutest lush giftbox! look whats inside it> ( click for better quality)

well anyway, here are some things from london:

im not really sure about this one. maybe its a bit, well idunno, weird?! but it was kind of expensive, well it looks cute at the picture i think. but not for a school day. luckily its almost summer vacation!

another dress. actually its a shirt but i bought it
in a large size so i could wear it as a dress.

and another dress, not even the last one, haha!
well im not quite sure if its a dress, but i think so.

this is one of my favourite pieces from London.

click click click for better quality!

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