Monday, 25 May 2009

what am i wearing this day?

yeah i know my head is crap today, thanks.

its my new shirt, again from Zara. dude I buy a lot of things at zara lately. it looks great with a bikini underneath it, so hot weather and beach, here i come! the photo thats left under is to give a better image of the shirt.
the other two are with and without a leather jacket, which one do you prefere?
only 4 days till london dude!
oh and i love my zarabag! ( i wear it on the photos)

1 comment:

  1. ik dag vandaag nog wat zie je er weer leuk uit <3
    alleen je was in 1 keer zo snel weer weg :O
    weetje, ik ga mee in je zara tas naar londen!?
    jij ook super veel succes deze week met school mate <333


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