Wednesday, 6 May 2009

what am i wearing this day?

first, let me introduce myself. I'm a 14 year old girl, living in a place in the Netherlands, near the Hague. I'm still going to school, and when I'm 18 i'll graduate. I love fashion, although that sounds a bit cliché, cause everybody 'loves fashion' these days. So lets be more specific. Because it's all nice and well that I love fashion, but why should you read a blog from just another girl 'who loves fashion'? I think my style is a bit different than usual. Not that i'm that big of an exception, or a real fashion disaster, I just give it a personal touch. Maybe i sound a bit boastfull, but let's be honest, I'm not that insecure. Most of my clothes I buy at the H&M. Now I sound even more everage, i can hear you think 'yeah well everyone buys there'. But I think that H&M is a great store for basics, great for being creative with your outfits. I also shop a lot at Topshop, but only when I'm in England, because they don't have a Topshop here. Well, you can shop online, because they ship towards the netherlands, I did that once. I didn't like it, but iIdon't really like online shopping at all. Luckely I'm going to London on may the 29th, so my closet will be Topshoped again:). sometimes I buy things at Zara, but not much. It is not great quallity but a higher priceclass than H&M. Not very much basics, but sometimes they have just that one piece of clothes I was searching for. My favourite Jeansbrand is Diesel. I think jeans are the only thing I spend a high amount of money at, because the right jeans can do a lot for your outfit. My jewellery, I like to buy at Camden, you know, in London. Most people sell there their homemade jewellery and there is a lot of really cool stuff. But enough about that. I get inspired by the most weird things, but not like fashionpictures, or Lauren Conrad ( jeez, everybody seems to love her style ). i just look around at school, and i get inspired by new fashiontrends, and then i combinate my outfit. one day i can be a hippy, the next day my heads more rockerstyle and the next day I might wear a cute dress. To show you my style, I will try to post everyday a photo of my outfit, and hope you can get some inspiration. There is this Blogspot for. So I quote; lets get inspired, and be an inspiration! ( don't know who said that actually, my friend quoted it a while ago. )


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